Environmentally responsible: In harmony with the nature

Grateful for the quality of the soils given by their forefathers, Sébastien & Nicolas firmly fight for the protection of the environment, in order to pass it on to the next generations.

1. Effluents management

Since 2005, the Vignobles Carreau are members of the two coasts CUMA (Cooperative for the use of Agricultural equipment), that collect and reprocess the estate’s wine effluents.

2. The fauna and flora protection

All vineyard is covered with grass between the rows, and all around the plots, in order to preserve biodiversity. True setting for bees and other bugs, these natural elements also are used as protective barriers when using treatment products.

3. Certifications

Concerned about continual improvement and about making people recognize their efforts, the Vignobles Carreau have obtained the Terra Vitis certification, and are also involved in the CIVB collective process called SME (Management System for the Environment).

Terra Vitis